Let the raindrops pour on my head
Let it wash away your scent,
Let it take away your sweet kisses on my eyes.
And the warm touch of yours holding me tight.
Delicious tingles your breath used to sent
The resonation of your voice rupturing my strength
Let it cascade your touch from me
Your ability to make me smile with a glorious glee
And shatter me down, as I stand there, your meek!
I do nothing but plead.
Let it wash away your dark memories
As pitter patter breaks my reverie.
Never knew it would be so hard,
Like cutting my each part
I lie there paralyzed
As i see you fade away from my side
Everything of yours is now gone
Now, is a beautiful dawn
But there i stand dumbstruck
Like loosing my cruz
I see my self in the mirror
Some one pale & thinner
Its then i realised
It was my soul that washed away in that dim light!


9 thoughts on “Rain

  1. beautifully expressed…..every word of praise in the world is insufficient to describe ur poem nd the talent u r blessed with…..exceptionally well

    Liked by 1 person

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