Last Hope

A year has passed, nothing has last
My room still empty, just like my heart
You came in front of me like a shock
After a year as I recall


As I stand there like a rock
A sense of Terrible fear hugged my heart
I hid myself from you in a glance.
Saw your glad face and someone in your arms
Its then i realized who I really was

You moved on is not what troubles me
But i’m still there where you left me
Time played its game fixed you up
And tore me apart
Its then i realized who i really was

I miss that warmth, your love, your arms
But you confined in someone else
What a fine art

Silence strucks me, i’m still standing there
I was a game for you, nothing but mere
But does she love you the way i did
All that we have, all that we did

Our laughs, our songs, our symphony it was
But is she able to make your angels dance?
You fixed me up and tore me apart
And i stand there staring at the walls

I fell more in love with you everyday
You fell out of love with me everyday
I guess that was the fault
But i don’t blame you after all

Time Is the best healer, said all
And so i smiled and walked along
This journey is mine, all the way long!


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