You may kiss the bride

You may kiss the bride
I hear, as i remember my time
A smile catches my eyes
As the memories flashes in sight


I remember that night
Your eyes shining with light
Happines so palpable
There was no escape that night
We danced till the last hour
After all I was declared your wife
I remember your vows
Like a yesterday dine
Till death do us apart
I sigh with a tear
Sunshines came & so were rains
Where did we fall apart, where did we fail
Time slipped away from my hands
Like your perfect traits
And i stand here meek, missing your embrace
A tear escapes from my eyes, taking an opportunity
I look at you stunned when reality hits me
You stand there with the same shine & repeat the vows
Now its not me where your world surrounds
And so the words are again spoken by you but not me
I see your smile just as that bright light
Now is the time when you kiss the bride


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