You may kiss the bride

You may kiss the bride
I hear, as i remember my time
A smile catches my eyes
As the memories flashes in sight


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Silent whispers, empty night
You around me, holding me tight
Its the oldest story, written just fine
Either i’m yours or you’re mine


Black were the days, night pale white
Everything was in negatives before I had you in sight
How you fixed my shattered pieces
Is still unknown to mind
You pulled me out of fire
Saved Me from mine
I was am addictive demon
You, an angelic sigh
You heard my silent screams
Tied an unbroken tie
Love was a murderous feeling
Whispered my painfull sighs
You were my dream catcher
Turned my nightmares just right
So its the oldest story written just fine
Either i’m yours or you’re mine.

Dawn Desires

And so the sun has set
And so the morning died
You left with broken pieces
And some beautiful lies

Your merciless kisses
Your hand above my thighs
You stared deep into my soul
Listening to my ravaged cries

You were like a sweet whisper
Breaking all the ties
The small world of my dreams
Had you in sight
An answer to my breathless sighs

Now you seem so distant
Like you had no existence
And a nightmare of the night
Still remaining in the light

You pulled me out of fire
Just to push me down the sea
You stand their higher
& i drown, such a meek

& so the sun has set
And so the morning died
You left with broken pieces
And some beautiful lies!

It silence silences

Yesterday, I saw the shattered visage of yours,
Couldn’t compare with the last memory i had of yours.
That beautiful face was no where near the lifeless face i saw
The smile which is now all lost in the dawn.
Those days when the shine of your eyes could light up the sky & the voice – music to my life
You lie here souless as far as I could see
My life confined in small coffin in front of me
The memories of us will fade by the time.
The sound of your voice is what my ears will crave all life
The softness of your lips on mine.
But now i see those two beautiful eyes closed
Ohh, they aren’t looking at me, why aren’t you looking at me
I am a shattered soul
We’ll share my soul if you could
Come back is the plead I could
I watched sitting back, you going away from me
Slept in the darkness, in front of me
I watched sitting back you going away from me in that dark world – dark dark world where all it will have is silence




Let the raindrops pour on my head
Let it wash away your scent,
Let it take away your sweet kisses on my eyes.
And the warm touch of yours holding me tight.
Delicious tingles your breath used to sent
The resonation of your voice rupturing my strength
Let it cascade your touch from me
Your ability to make me smile with a glorious glee
And shatter me down, as I stand there, your meek!
I do nothing but plead.
Let it wash away your dark memories
As pitter patter breaks my reverie.
Never knew it would be so hard,
Like cutting my each part
I lie there paralyzed
As i see you fade away from my side
Everything of yours is now gone
Now, is a beautiful dawn
But there i stand dumbstruck
Like loosing my cruz
I see my self in the mirror
Some one pale & thinner
Its then i realised
It was my soul that washed away in that dim light!